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Holiday Mode: Activated

Drawing inspiration from its deep coastal ties and a profound affection for its hometown of Robe, Salubrious Hour is bringing its signature laid-back ethos to Ebenezer Place. Embodying a spirit of perpetual holiday mode, this beloved local label brings a refreshing wave of relaxation and leisure to the heart of the city.











Founded in 2017 by Sarah and Billy, Salubrious Hour has evolved from a campfire dream into a sustainable fashion haven.

Salubrious Hour is independently owned and emphasizes environmentally conscious practices. Their small-batch production model underscores a commitment to minimal waste and responsible consumption.

The brand’s success lies in its unique coastal charm, community dedication, and a commitment to ethical fashion. Salubrious Hour invites fashion enthusiasts to join its journey, celebrating the exciting expansion to Ebenezer Place.

Combining original artwork with good quality threads, discover a range of tees, caps, hoodies and more to kickstart the Summer holidays.