Don & Joe Pacsalaqua
Pallet jack
Domonic 'Wooley' Logozzo
Con Constantinedis & friend, All Welcome Canteen
Ron Schmidt
Barnett, M.Vagg. R
George Lazzaroff, Louie Kostoff
Pietro D'onofrio
Allen Jeffries, Greg Schmidt
The Market
Dennis & Ray Caldicott
Archway to outside
Market Office
Roco Schirripa
Woodmans Inn
Mario Palma, Gino Pacillo
George Bennet
218 Grenfell Street
Dawn soon
The Earth is the Lord's...
Grenfell Street
Union Street

Market of Plenty

Fresh fruit and vegetables have always been sought after by South Australians.  This is as true now as it was in the 1860’s, when the carts and wagons gathered at East Terrace as part of the East End Produce Market hustle and bustle.

The images in the GALLERY below, photographed by Tim Gladdis, were taken in 1987, the year the markets closed.  They depict the soul of the market – the buyers, the sellers, the buildings, the laden barrows and the trucks, the ornate facades and textured memories of those final days.

These images are subject to copyright and are available in Tim’s book, Market Of Plenty.

For copies of the book, please contact:

Tim Gladdis
M: 0422 749 615
E: tgphot@gmail.com