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Australian fashion designer Lisa Gorman has been dressing Australian women since the labels launch in 1999 and is now one of Australia’s best selling labels. Gorman has established itself as a forefront in women’s designer fashion. Her clothes are recognised for their quality in materials, shapes, styles and prints inspired by everyday people and life. However, Gorman is probably most noted for the labels strong stance for environmentally friendly practices. Overall, Gorman has truly established itself as a forefront boutique label since its inception into the tough fashion industry.

Gorman’s ‘artful wanderer’ Winter Collection is a culturally curious and experimental individual who, when it comes to styling prefers to ‘mix it up’.  Traversing the globe and borrowing the best bits from African, South American and Mexican cultural motifs, this season’s collection is a unique blend of 80s Afro with a tribal twist.  Think Denise Huxtable in iconic 80s comedy series, The Cosby Show.  Silhouettes are enhanced by a playful push-pull effect. Oversized striped jumpers feature alongside, high waisted, cropped trousers and chords. Lady-like blouses are tucked in and offset by platform wedges with tweed detailing to textural effect. For the more adventurous, clashing prints and textures will appeal, however, there remains interesting, yet safer ways to wear print stories via oversized totes or a selection of Gorman shoe designs available this season and featuring customised print stories.