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The Stag Hotel’s Menu Refresh

The Stag Hotel have hit refresh just in time for Summer!

The new Head Chef – Joshua Barry, has brought his unique flair to the Rundle Street East icon and will continue to update and switch up the Bistro’s menu each season.

Sadly this means the carefully designed dishes are only available for a limited time, although a constantly changing menu gives you the opportunity to indulge, explore and challenge yourself as the new ingredients and combinations are introduced over time.

On offer for Summer 2017 includes the usual Bistro classics – Scotch Fillet and Racks of Lamb, however we can’t help but be tempted by the explosion of colour and flavour made available in the, perhaps not-so-classic options – including the Port Lincoln Sardines, Cured Ora King Salmon, or Hand Made Gnocchi.

For a more in-depth run down visit Adelaide Food Central. 

This is definitely one to put on your list of places to try!

The Stag Hotel Bistro
299 Rundle Street, Adelaide SA 5000
Bookings: 08 8311 0392
Lunch & Dinner: 7 Days