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Treadly Bike Shop

A treadly is a much loved, old faithful, a-to-b, ultimate commuter bicycle. Every treadly is individual, and as unique as its rider. It could have come from anywhere: clean and pristine off a shop floor, or covered in rust and spider webs from a backyard shed. It has had parts removed, adjustments made, and had many additions over time. A treadly can be for the daily commute or that very special weekend roll.

Treadly Bike Shop is a retail and repairs store, specialising in urban commuter bicycles and accessories. Treadly stocks a range of single speed, fixed gear and classic style bicycles and parts, bags, apparel, helmets, and a children’s range. Along with offering the latest in local and overseas products, Treadly sources and restores preloved bicycles for sale.

If you need to begin your treadly adventures or require some extra special additions or repairs for your treadly, pop in and see us.

Love your treadly.