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Winter Fashion with Kirstey Whicker

Words by: Kirstey Whicker

Kirstey Whicker is a long-term East End resident, skilled journalist and general ear-to-the-ground individual who always has her finger on the pulse of the latest updates and trends in the East End.

Winter Fashion Highlights

Well, considering that we have just said goodbye to a fabulous Autumn, what with the maddest of “Mad March”’s in East End history, I think it is pretty clear that Rundle Street East is where everyone goes to celebrate -anything! Day after day, Autumn in the East End was full of happy faces celebrating life as they ate, drank or shopped before or after enjoying fun Fringe shows at both Gluttony and The Garden of Unearthly Delights.

With this being my 18th year of living in the East End, I must say that I have never seen the East End as full and fabulous as I did this March! It was such a great reminder to so many people who haven’t been to the East End for a while that Rundle Street East is where all the action is! People were just loving the road closures as we all relished in alfresco dinners and the like! The fact that this precinct has been noted and praised by international festival organisers, is proof that someone is doing something right!

But as Winter approaches, I can see so many people screwing up their noses at the thought of cold, rainy days! (However, you have to admit that we are pretty lucky that we don’t get Winter like some other places in the World!) The most exciting part of Winter coming, is that now we can see that Rundle Street East is not only the hub of entertainment, in Winter it becomes the place everyone goes to for their Winter fashion too!

I have seen a lot of reasons to get excited about enjoying this season, thanks to what I’ve seen in the windows of some of the traders on Rundle Street East.

What I love about the East End’s fashion “Mecca” is that here is fashion to interest everyone. I always have issues if I walk into a shopping precinct and their choices of style are so limited, that I will look like everyone else if I purchase there, but it is a relief that I don’t feel like that when I shop on Rundle Street East. I love it, because I’ve got the best of everything -fabulous national traders like SABA, Zimmerman, Seafolly and Tigerlily, together with amazing shops like Miss Gladys Sym Choon, Cherri Bellini and Bauhaus for that something just a little bit different, to stand out!

I went hunting around Rundle Street East to see the look for Winter and what I saw was so many pieces that you can mix together to make your own fabulous look. What really helps though, is that every shop I went into, their staff know their stock, so they all said that they can help you put together an outfit and show you their accessories to finish it off. Now, I like to think that I know fashion and don’t need any help, BUT because the staff are trained in the labels, they were able to show me different ways to wear different pieces and give me tips which came from the people who actually designed the clothes, so one piece can have so many different looks with other shoes and bags, or a wrap, or beads, transforming a dressy outfit to something more casual, or vice versa!


I wasn’t sure if I was going to find anything which could be worn in other seasons besides Summer, because I assumed that Seafolly just sold swimwear. So, you can understand how excited I was when I looked in there because there definitely IS more than your Summer wardrobe here!

What everyone is doing this season is ‘layering’ different pieces together for Autumn, Spring and Winter. I saw some gorgeous dresses that I was thinking of putting either a leather jacket, or my long black coat and boots with, to let me wear them on cooler days. (Then when Winter is over, you can “un-layer” and wear these beautiful pieces on their own in the warmer weather.)

Seafolly has a great collection of activewear, which I love, because it is casual and comfortable, but smart enough so you may choose it for the gym, or maybe a casual Sunday brunch, or even if you’re travelling. I was also tempted when Nadia told me about Seafolly’s rewards program. Perfect gift place for gift cards birthdays or maybe a bag, hat or sunnies for anyone going on holiday too. But what I liked was, how Nadia then told me about their fitting service and that the girls can show you different options and help you find your “look”!



Tigerlily is another shop on Rundle Street East that might specialise in swimwear, but you can find something fabulous here all year around! More gorgeous dresses, with their Winter Collection being called Tangier. They have drawn this from vintage  Moroccan textiles and they have luscious prints with rich colours such as rust, warm ivory and jewel tones. I’m loving their wrap tops and mini dresses, which can easily be layered with other pieces when we need to warm up. Then I saw their knitted cardigan over their gorgeous leopard print dress which I’m so into this winter!

Naturally their fabulous swimwear is still there for any of you that might be going away to somewhere warmer over our rotten Winter. (If you are, can I come too?!)

At least though, even if I am stuck here over Winter, there are worse places I could be and I can enjoy a beautiful smelling home with the delicious scented candles that I have been getting from this Tigerlily shop for years! I always love getting scented candles for friends, because I know how much I love it when people give them to me! However, if candles aren’t really your thing, there are beautiful scarves, jewellery and amazing bags which I like to buy as gifts “from me to me”!

What I like here, is again, Kirsty and Stacey and the crew have said that everyone is invited to come into the store for a styling session, which I recommend so much, because they know their stock and they know how to add their accessories to jazz every outfit up!


I remember when I first interviewed Joe Saba for a fashion paper back in the 90’s. Such a lovely man, with classic pieces that just made you feel good! Even though Joe sold SABA many years ago, I am so relieved to see that the label continues to shine!

Beautifully warm Mohair knit tops and coats drew my attention as I walked in the other day. Absolutely perfect for Winter. We have always been able to rely on SABA’s stunning knitwear and nothing has changed.  Neither has their classic tailoring in both men’s suits and ladies’ coats and jackets.

Being a pants girl, I was so excited to see how many different styles of pants SABA has! From Velvet Zip Pants, jeans and Jeggings, to Culottes and Pull On Pants, there really is something for everyone here, no matter what you need it for.

What I love is how their Summer Autumn clearance is still on, so I can pick up some of the lighter pieces, to layer under or over other pieces for Winter warmth. Then they’ll be perfect on their own for the start of Spring too.

Then luckily they have gift cards to help us hopeless gift buyers, which I think is a safer option for many of us, who want to buy a fabulous gift, but are just not sure…


Once again Zimmerman has given us a fabulous season of amazing pieces! I always love walking into their gorgeous boutique on Rundle Street East, because there is always something to blow me away! I recently saw Nicole Zimmerman quoted, where she explained that she loves” the idea of such a feminine, skillful and selfless figure.” This season, Zimmerman was inspired by  a lady who explains that look perfectly: French Spy Nancy Wake, who helped save hundreds of Allied soldiers and refugees during World War II. Looks are obviously deceiving, because the Nazi’s who she hated, referred to her as “the little white mouse”, because they just could not catch her!

With Wake as an inspiration, Zimmerman has accessorised lace dresses with leather berets and oversized floral prints with high waisted leather trousers. Then they have added bows and wide belts as the finishing touch to most outfits.

I was glad to see that as I walked into the shop course, there was also a splash of animal print and metallics. Stunning swimwear is still there too, for those lucky ducks who are travelling and escaping Winter! There is just the perfect mix of “toughness and femininity”, which Zimmerman does so well. There are so many options there and I love how their manager Haenle invites everyone to go in there and they can put the perfect outfit together for you. Like I have said before, asking them to help you is such a help, because they know their stock and how to put it together -and what I love, is where they know what accessories to add to finish the look.


Lisa Gorman amazes me. When we met at the opening of the first Gorman shop on Rundle Street East many years ago, I had no idea how talented she was! As a child, she started making clothes for her Barbie dolls, now Gorman has an amazing 40 stores throughout Australia!

In between Barbie dolls and Couture, Lisa was a nurse, which explains her gorgeous caring nature, because she has obviously seen a lot. This could explain why Gorman shops stock so many different pieces to suit everyone – even your furry friends!

This season sees many gorgeous jumpers and coats. There even fabulous parkas for those really cold days, perfect for those living in the ridiculously cold Adelaide Hills!

What I love about this place, is that there are so many different looks that can come out of there.!