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M.J. Bale Launch ‘Tech-Tailoring’

M.J. Bale are changing the way we look at menswear by pioneering their new Tech-Tailoring collection.

The collection sees an introduction of High Performance material mix effortlessly with their signature tailoring style.

“M.J. Bale’s tech-tailoring collection is for active guys who want to stay formally dressed while on-the-go, but need ease of movement, comfort and breathability in all kinds of weather conditions” says Founder & CEO, Matt Jensen. “Importantly, although these new tech-tailoring pieces are woven from noble natural fibres, they are easy-care and fuss-free, leaving guys with time to concentrate on the more important things in life.”

But how exactly can a garment save time for it’s wearer? well for starters the Dry’N’Fly shirts which are made from 100% cotton, feature a special technical structure that allow the garment to be worn without the need of an iron – simply wash, dry and wear. Crinkle and fuss free style is the advance in clothing we have been waiting for.

Other highlights include the Aqua suits made from Merino wool that is water-repellent and crease-resistant which reduces the need for a steam press after a day’s wear. Mooving suits which incorporate elastane, adding new levels of flexibility to the classic suit cut while being crease-resistant, for those that are constantly on the move. And lastly the Merino wool travel Macintosh which can be crumpled, stashed and strewn inside a suitcase, to only be pulled out crease-free when needed.

“We see M.J. Bale’s new tech-tailoring range as a great leap forward for the Australian menswear industry”, says Jensen. “Never before have we been able to bring such function & performance to traditional tailored suits, shirts and outerwear. These are garments that will help Australian men to perform better when on the move, not to mention, looking and feeling great at the same time. This a growing category for us and we are currently working on expanding the collection. Watch this space.”

For more details visit the M.J. Bale Rundle Street store at 255 Rundle St, Adelaide SA 5000