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SALA Exhibition Launch Party in Ebenezer Place

Join Ebenezer Place traders Leonard St & Naomi Murrell as they launch their SALA Festival exhibitions together on Friday 2 August 2019 from 5pm.

Enjoy nibbles, drinks and in-store goodies on the night while being immersed in the world of  colourful fashion and art by artists Mariana Mezic & Naomi Murrell across the two neighbouring venues during their exhibition launch night.

The Exhibitions

Ley Lines
Mariana Mezic
At Leonard St, 22 Ebenezer Place Adelaide SA 5000
2 Aug – 31 Aug, Mon-Sat 10am-6pm & Sun 11am-4pm

Mariana Mezic’s newest style of painting is a beautiful and spirited explosion of colour and lines that flow onto canvas straight from her soul.

The theme of these newest works are “inspired by the creek across the road” which is known by our Indigenous ancestors as ‘The Healing Place’ and believed by many to flow on a ley line. Although a subject of contention for modern science, Ley Lines are energetic currents that run across our planet and were well known and very real to every ancient civilization of our human history.

When asked what inspires these incredibly colourful and intrinsic paintings Mariana says “wanting to experience some self healing.” These pieces have come from a non thought process where she can empty her mind and allow whatever to flow from that and it’s this ‘something out of nothing’ that creates six of the most incredible original paintings that you’ll ever see.

Lines of energy, lines of magic, lines of the heart over a landscape of life.

Naomi Murrell
At Naomi Murrell Studios, 5 Ebenezer Place Adelaide SA 5000
1 Aug – 1 Sep, Mon-Sat 10am-6pm & Sun 12pm-4pm

Pandemonium presents an insight into designer Naomi Murrell’s creative process.

From sketchbook to finished artwork and final products, the rough, ready and refined are all on show, outlining the anatomy of a fashion collection.

Launch Party Details

2 August 2019 | 5pm
Across 2 Venues: 22 Ebenezer Place & 5 Ebenezer Place, Adelaide SA 5000
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